Friends of Sparlock

by Cedars

The 2012 “Safeguard Your Heart” District Convention has already generated controversy among thinking Jehovah’s Witnesses with the release of a new animated children’s DVD entitled “Become Jehovah’s Friend: Listen, Obey, and Be Blessed”.

The DVD, which is introduced by Governing Body member Anthony Morris III, features two short animated films centering around the exploits of a fictional young boy named Caleb. Though short, the films are made to a very high standard of animation, not unlike those standards found in the well-known “Toy Story” movies. However, it is sad to note that, though visually impressive, this new DVD seems determined to undermine and weaken a young child’s critical thinking and reasoning skills. Nothing illustrates this more clearly than a story depicting young Caleb being coerced with false reasoning by his mother into throwing away a toy wizard that has been given to him as a gift by a friend. The explanation? Because, apparently, “Jehovah hates it”…

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“The Story of Sparlock” – a poem by Ruben Ortiz

This is the story of Sparlock the Warrior Wizard,
A magnificent, magnanimous, wizard is he.

Sparlock was born in the deepest of space
From a planet where witches and warlocks
Are race.

Sparlock never had a mom and dad
Who was glad that he learned
Magic from those who weren’t bad…

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What Is Sparlock, The New Ex-Witness Meme?

By The Atheist Geek | May 31, 2012

Sparlock the Warrior Wizard is the Watchtower Society’s newest unintended act of shameful hilarity, one that ex-Jehovah’s Witnesses across the net have latched onto and made their own. It is also the product of an organization run by a bunch of clueless old guys who are probably still complaining about the kids with their Walkmans and those new-fangled airplanes and such. For ex-Witnesses who feel that the Society exists in a Twilight Zone bubble of creepiness, Sparlock could surely serve as our exhibit A.

Sparlock is awesome, even if the video that spread the name is not…

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